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Tips for your business: Being found on Google

From the mail bag comes a question from one our members:

I often get cold called by a company that claims to be Google. They want a lot of money to get me in Google search results. What should I do?

We’ve heard continued reports recently of an increase of these types of calls. We reached out to Justin Ribeiro, Chamber president and a Google Developer Expert at Chamber member Stickman Ventures Inc.

“Google doesn’t cold call businesses and they do not guarantee search placement.” said Justin via email. “Any company claiming to be able to place you at the top of Google results for money should not be trusted; Google specifically addresses this in their documentation for webmasters.”

What should a business do to help be found on Google?

“Google has a substantial amount of free resources for businesses and taking just a little bit of time to go through the steps goes a long way to be better found by customers on the web.”

One of the free resources that you can use today is Google My Business, a site setup to walk you through the steps to be better found on the web.

Want all the information in a one page printable sheet to take? We’ve created a Google Doc (Link: Tip Being Found on Google) that you can print and read to get started.

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